Saturday, July 18, 2009

Female Orgasm Technique - How to Please Women in Bed

By Pekkie Aon

If you want to know about how to please women in bed, you need to know about certain things we hate in lovemaking! Interested? Read on!
• Sure, we all know that toe curling; screaming orgasms require variation and different positions. But please, can we have just five minutes of each at a time? Most women need a steady and slow rhythm to climax at the right time. So, the first step to knowing how to please women in bed is to avoid too many positions at the same time. We do not need a Kamasutra lesson every night! Avoid putting stuff like whipped cream or any other foods in that area. If you want to have melted chocolate off her, go ahead! Just keep it above the waist and you are safe. Just remember that they are very sensitive body tissue. An occasional squeeze is ok; avoid kneading and twisting them too much. It's painful and can turn off your partner in seconds. Also, it doesn't say a lot about your expertise!
• You might feel that a spa is the ideal place to cozy up to your partner. Just be careful of the chlorine in that hot tub of water. It can have a very drying effect on the skin and can cause your partner's vagina to go sore with the friction. Make love to her by all means; just shift the venue of the intercourse to safer areas when you are ready!
Finally, girls hate it when it's all about you all the time. If you really want to know how to please women in bed, make it about her too!

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